Peter Cales

Peter Cales At the age of 16, was a victim of cyber fraud which inspired me to become a cyber security expert. While he may not have formal computer science qualifications, he’s acquired various certifications via short courses over the years including Mobile and Web App Penetration Tester (CMWAPT) certification. With more than 14 years of computer programming experience, He’s build key interests in Python, Java, PHP, SQL, R, C as well as various Web and Mobile App back and frontend technologies. He’s also collaborated with Bioscientists to build using C programming language an SEIR model with a pending review scientific programming publication titled; “Zika Virus Outbreaks: A simple dynamic predictive SEIR model with seasonal impact.”He’s also a qualified Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemist with Computer Aided Drug Design, Theoretical Chemistry PhD dropout from Clare Collage University of Cambridge and Member of the CDD vault. He’s also a qualified Therapeutic Radiographer with HCPC registration and 6 months post qualification experience from one of the UK’s technologically advanced cancer centre (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham UK) with key interest in Head and Neck Cancers.

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